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september 2021 Edition

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To God Be The Glory


As we approach the anniversary month of August, I have been reflecting on the many transitions that I have had to lead the church through. Over the many years, we have changed locations, office staff, musical staff, leaders, and not to mention the many building renovations that we have gone through. I certainly thank God because it has been an exciting adventure serving the Lord through serving people. One of the most impactful changes that have come in my life is going from the very close and personal ministry that I had in the early years to teaching and preaching to the people through a camera lens. I can truly say that I miss the personal interaction and the expressions on the people's faces when they are blessed. Yet, one of the benefits of the internet platform is that I am able to stay focused on my assignment of communicating a specific message. 

With all that said, my one concern is whether or not the people are staying connected. Apart of me want to take attendance as a grade school teacher, so I can be more accountable to the Lord for those He has given me to lead. Another part of me believes that I pastor mature and responsible believers who are diligent and committed to getting the word and are faithful to God on their spiritual journey. 

In conclusion, I want to appreciate those individuals who are doing just that. I want to encourage all of our members to subscribe and follow us on social media and to like and share the posts regularly to reach out to your brothers and sisters to encourage them along the way.


Bishop Eric K. Clark



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Slingshot - What You Thought Evil, God Meant For Good

Sermon Date: August 15, 2021

Scripture: Genesis 47:14-18 & 50:16-20


  1. Pullback-adversity

  2. Release-momentum

  3. Propel-move forward



The pullback doesn’t last too long, and trouble doesn’t last always. But there will be trouble.

One of my favorite scriptures is Psalm 30:5    weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. Just know that during the time of trouble, there will be joy.

Even when the doctors have given up all hope and say there is nothing that can be done... BUT GOD!

He can do what is necessary, we put our faith in Him, and He can turn it around.

It is the process - God is going to do what He is going to do!

This is the year of the Slingshot!

Deaconess Karen Alexander

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Rights And Responsibilites

Sermon Date: August 18, 2021

Scripture: I Corinthians 9:14


Guest Speaker: Overseer Terry Clark

Yes, we have rights and responsibilities as members of the Body of Christ Assembly. As our Bishop often said, membership has its privileges. 

Think of it this way. We have rights and responsibilities to our children. It's our responsibility to teach and take care of them by supplying food, clothes and housing as their parents. It's our children's responsibility to go by our rules set in our home so they can have rights to a safe and comfortable environment.

We should pray for our leaders Bishop Clark and Pastor Lynora Clark and support our church home with our tithes and offerings so that the house of the Lord will continue to run smoothly. Thank you Bishop Clark for your vision for BOCA. We will continue to follow you as you follow God.

Deaconess Karima Ward



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The Power Of Your Seed

Sermon Date: August 16, 2021

Scripture: 1 Kings 17:8-13


Guest Speaker: Pastor Donnell Clark


In the scriptures referenced, The Power of Your Seed is evident in the actions of the two women. You see the Lord provided whatever the Man of God needed.

People have a tendency to short-change God when they look at what they have at a moment and think it is not enough. Never underestimate what God places in your hand. You may have a plan to do something different or something out of the ordinary…….. BUT GOD!


Your seed has the ability to become your substance.

  • Don’t eat your seed. When you eat your seed, you eat the potential for your blessing.

  • 2. The seed has the ability to activate faith in the word of the Lord and sustain you.

  • 3. God doesn’t always move the way you expect Him to move.


Your seed has potential, has power, and can bring something to pass that money cannot buy if you just sow it and do the right thing with it.

You seed can propel you into a new realm. Every seed needs five things in the natural/spiritual to grow:

1. Soil/ground (Bishop Clark and BOCA are good ground)

2. Water (Presence of God)

3. Sunlight (Spirit – Word of God)

4. Time (Longevity/Faithfulness)

5. Right temperature (the Lord wants you to be hot or cold, not lukewarm)


These five things along with a seed, you will be blessed.


Don’t fail to plant your seed.

Deaconess Nicole Jones

Words From Pastor Lynora Clark:


Greetings everyone on the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


First, I’d like to thank everyone for your attendance & support during our 31st Pastoral & Church Anniversary. The word rich and prophtic.


Now let's begin the work let's roll up our sleeves and begin the work. Bishop and I are refreshed and ready to continue to serve. 


With that being said, September & October are the last food distributions for 2021. If you have not served in this ministry you are welcome to assist. We are looking for more consistent help but, until we get the assistance we need we are reconsidering this portion of our ministry. So your assistance is key...we are enclosing a link for volunteers...For the next food distribution season:


The holiday season is approaching fast and we ask that everyone sign up for the events coming: 


Thanksgiving Baskets / deadline  (registration deadline -Nov 1st) (Food distribution November 18th all pick ups must be by 4:00pm)



Christmas Toy Give Away / deadline (Deadline Oct 31st). Toy Distribution, Sunday, Dec 19th pickup by 12:30pm



New Year Eve Service 



Pastor Lynora Clark

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Anniversary Address:

Transition 31 (Serving Our Generation)

Sermon Date: August 22, 2021

Scripture: Acts 13: 36


Serving our generation can be a difficult thing if you are stuck in the past.

Serving our generation can be a difficult thing if you are stuck in the past. So many won't make it to greatness because they are afraid to let go of what is good. The Body Of Christ Assembly is in a season of transition - Transition 31 to be exact. Transition 31 is about letting go of the old church model and embracing a new one. It is a model where the focus is not on being at church; instead, it is on being the church. This will truly allow us to be 'A church in the city impacting the world.' 


With transition comes change, and the three areas of change for BOCA will be in the System, Support, and Service.



Bishop is committed to feeding the system, and we must be committed to staying plugged into the system:

  • Prayer: Monday - Friday at 8am

  • Daily Bread: Monday - Friday 10am

  • Regular Service: Sunday @10am & Wednesday @7pm (in-person or online)

  • Special In-person Service: (Bishop wants to see all of the members in the church building)

    • New Year's Revival

    • Resurrection Sunday (Holy Week)

    • Pastoral & Church Anniversary

    • Thanksgiving



We must be faithful in your support. We must be committed to paying our tithe and giving liberally. We don't have to wait until the tithe and offering appeal on Sundays or Wednesdays to give. We have the ability to give 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Let's not become upset or tune out because of the offering appeal. Instead, take that time to pray and ask the Lord makes you a ministry financier. 



There will be new training for service. The training will teach how to serve outside of the church building. It will include ministry training for the home, the community, on your job, and online. 


Body of Christ Assembly, Transition 31 is in full effect. Our Bishop has and will continue to equip us for it. Unless we are willing to lose a generation because we won't serve them, we must grow up, not be afraid of change and kiss momma goodbye. 

Minister Erica Williams

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