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Membership has its Privileges

As a member of the Body of Christ Assembly, Bishop Clark will feed you with knowledge and understanding so that you can mature in the things of God. He will create an opportunity for you to express your faith and we will serve as your extended family to pray with you in your challenging times.

Path to Membership

We want to thank you for considering joining our ministry. Once you fill out the Join Now form, the process will begin as you are being added to our church family database. We ask that you log into your classes; you will have 30 days to complete all ten courses. Also, one of our team leads will reach out to you to see how you are progressing. Once you have completed the class and gone through the complete process, you will be an official member of the Body of Christ Assembly Church. We ask that you participate by attending all worship services: Sunday at 10 am and Wednesday at 7 pm and any special worship services that we may have. You can choose to be an online member or an in-person member by committing to being a consistent tither. We believe that 10% of everything we receive belongs to the Lord; therefore, the Lord opens the windows of heaven and pours us out blessings we don't have room to receive. There are entire lessons that discuss: Joining the Church, Church Attendance, Tithing, the Holy Ghost, and many more. Our prayer is that you grow spiritually and that you bloom where you are planted.





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