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october 2021 Edition

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An Excerpt From Maximize Your Potential by Bishop Clark

I want to consider what potential is? I want to look at how humans continue to break records that have stood for many years and push beyond barriers to reaching heights that we have never seen before. How is it possible that humans are running faster than they’ve ever run before, jumping higher than they’ve ever jumped before and creating technology and systems which connect the world in ways that were only imagined years ago? I ask the question, “Do humans have more potential today than they had in the past?” If so, “How did that happen? What are the triggers, or mechanisms and environments that nurture to maturity the potential that lays dormant in many individuals?” I want to unlock some of the secrets that assure us that Michael Phelps’ records will one day be broken. I want to talk to you about the potential in everyone around you, especially the potential that’s in you.

In this book, I’m also going to expand the conversation to the potential of time and seasons, as well as the potential of relationships and unions. Finally, I want to ask a question; does potential have a limit? Of course, we know that there are no limits in God, but the question is, are there limits in man? Is there a point that man cannot go beyond physically, spiritually, and emotionally in his accomplishments? There are so many examples of success that motivate us and inspire us to keep reaching, to keep stretching ourselves to and beyond our limits. So many have become overachievers in the eyes of others, yet they remain underachievers in their own eyes. Does this mean that they maximized their potential in the eyes of others, but in their own eyes, they left many things undone and didn’t reach their full potential or explore all the possibilities? Think about it, who or what determines when your limits have been reached? It’s been said, there’s always room for improvement, and if that’s true, do we ever max out in anything? And yes, we will answer the question, “How do I maximize my potential?”

Bishop Eric K. Clark

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My, My, My, Look How You've Grown

Sermon Date: September 15, 2021

Scripture: Galatians 3:23-26

We have such an awesome and dynamic man of God. It seems like no matter what we’re going through what was going on in our lives he has a message a timely word tailor-made for our situation. Recently Bishop preached a message called, “My my my look how you’ve grown. Using Ephesians 4:11, which talks about the five-fold ministry gifts being used to perfect form to mature the Saints, Bishop gave us a word of maturity and strength for the Saints that was both dynamic and impactful in our lives. 

The message center around the Saints being mature by the the preach word of God and I found this to be such a timely message because it’s time for us to really start to grow up and understand what God is doing in our lives and not be tied to some of the things that were put in place to help mature us. Also to understanding that our purpose does not lie in the building but our purpose lies and how we treat one another in our interaction and our ability to share the gospel and spread the gospel message. It also highlighted the importance for us to have a time of devotion in our home. This is what real spiritual maturity looks like. 

As we go through a transition season here at the Body of Christ what a timely word this was for us. This message really helped me understand the importance of this transition and it also helped me bring more balance into my spiritual walk with God by spending more time at home in prayer and having a time of devotion personally and not waiting to be strengthened at the church but to be strengthened every day by taking time out of my day and spending time with God. 

I thank God for Bishop and the first lady and for the gift of God on their lives. If at any time going forward you feel like you miss church or you feel like you’re weak spiritually do not hesitate to go into your prayer closet wherever that may be in your home. Call on the Lord and let him revive you and strengthen you spiritually for the journey that he has set before you. 

Deaconess Lydia Pope

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Church, Thou Art Loosed

Sermon Date: September 19, 2021

Scripture: Galatians 3:23-29


We are the church. Church is not just a  building. Change has come for the Body of Christ Assembly and for the people of God. Change has come into everyone's life at some point. With the Covid-19 pandemic we all had to make changes.

In our families we watch our children grow up and move on in adult life, some move to other cities and we adapt to the change. We learned how to stay connected with them even though they are not physically with us. 

BOCA we have grown-up and we still have a relationship with our Bishop, for we are Family, we may not meet in the building but I will definitely see you online and always in my prayers.

 Remember the 3C's:


  1. Commitment to God.

  2. Connected to our Bishop.

  3. Continued the work of God. 

Deaconess Karima Ward



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Preparation In The Time Of Trouble

Sermon Date: April 11,2021

Scripture: 1 Chronicles 22:11-14


In Bishop’s sermon, Preparation in the Time of Trouble, he sets the backdrop of the opening scripture. King David, at this point in his life, is an older man. He is training his son, Solomon, to be king. As he is speaking with his son, he tells him that he will prosper if he keeps the laws of the Lord, is strong, of courage, and does not become dismayed. Finally, in verse 14, he tells his son that he has prepared for the house of the Lord in his time of trouble. David prioritized the work of the Lord and did not let his trouble stop him from honoring God.  

Though David was a great king, he experienced much trouble in his life. He had trouble with enemies as well as within his own family. Yet, through it all, he honored the Lord. Like David, we, too, will experience trouble in our lives. The good news is that trouble doesn’t last always, and God will not leave us or forsake us. He is ever-present and will see us through. When times of trouble come, that is not the time to throw in the towel or turn away from the Lord. Like David, don’t let trouble stop you from honoring God.  

Just as we don’t stop living our lives when trouble comes, so ought we to continue serving and honoring God. Don’t let your sacrifice, passion, commitment, faithfulness, or consistency stop because of trouble. Honor the Lord with your worship, time, sacrifice, offering, and service.


Minister Claudene McCoy

Thanksgiving Service

Words From Pastor Lynora Clark:


Hello everyone, the Lord is good! 


Thank you, to everyone that helped me celebrate my birthday! I thank God for another year he has given me! Thank you for every card, well wish, text and call, you made my day special. 


Thanksgivings is approaching to receive a food basket you must register: 




Thanksgiving Baskets / deadline (registration deadline -Nov 1st) (Food distribution Tuesday, November 23rd all pick ups must be after service)



Christmas Service - December 22 @ 7pm


Christmas Toy Give away (Drive-Thru) December 19th after service. Registration deadline October 31, 2021

Anyone can register-Must be registered and able to pick up toys on 12/19 we will not hold toys:



Join our Daily Prayer M-F @ 8am. 

(712) 775-8968

Access Code# 304282

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Serving God Without Going To Church (Pt. 2)

What Is The Right Worship Address?

Sermon Date: September 5, 2021

Scripture: John 4:19-24


Not only do we limit God in what we can or can’t have, can or can’t do, can or can’t wear, but we can also limit God when we believe that He is only present in the church building. God is God! It doesn’t matter where you are; He can meet you there. Whether on the mountain or in the valley, it doesn’t matter. That’s right, ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, ain’t no river wide enough to keep Him from getting to you. 

The key to getting God to wherever you are is to have your heart right with Him. If your heart is pure and you praise, worship, call on or pray to Him in the park, He will meet you in the park. If you are in the belly of a whale, He will meet you there. Whether you are in the pew or house, God will show up. 

So, what is the right worship address? The answer is wherever you are is the right worship address as long as your heart is right. 

If you have never worshiped God in your house, on your job or in your car I encourage you to do so. Now, remember to take the limits off. Don't limit your praise or worship because you are not in the church building. Take the Limits off of God. Allow Him to meet you everywhere you are. 

Minister Erica Williams

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