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MARCH 2021 Edition



Greetings everyone, and welcome to March.

I think we are through the coldest part of winter, and I am looking forward to warmer and brighter days. I sense that we are coming into a new season of miracles. I prophesy that there will be manifestations of supernatural provision, debt cancellation, healing, and restoration over the next three months.

To posture yourself to receive your miracle, I encourage you to increase your faith by hearing God’s word and living with expectation because God will meet you at your level of

expectation in this season. As the word of God declares in Jeremiah 29:11, God is going to give us an expected end, so I declare according to your faith so be it unto you.

Bishop Eric K. Clark

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Survive, Success, Succession

Sermon Date: February 21, 2021

Scripture: 1 Chronicles 29:26-28


​Our initial objective should be to survive in every area: health, diet, life, environment, etc. We should also be conscious about who we choose to be in our lives and make good choices to survive. But don't spend your whole life in survival mode. The next objective is to succeed. 

And, finally, there should be a plan of succession. What you're leaving to the next generation 

Have I passed on the information needed to survive and how I succeeded to my children and grandchildren?


What do you need to survive?

  1. Love (help, support, kindness, forgiveness)

  2. Knowledge (from others, reading, education)

  3. Strength (faith in God--hearing the word of God, 


What do you need to succeed?

  1. Desire to succeed 

  2. Exposure ((exposure creates desire. When you have seen something different or better, you can desire something better)

  3. Instruction (for example, a mentor)


How do you have succession? Passing on your legacy. What does succession look like?

  1. A succession plan

  2. A successor (who you pass/hand the baton to) who is your successor?  

  3. Communication of the plan (Be sure to communicate the plan, so there is no confusion)


When I'm on Social Media, I see a lot of young people posting about chasing or securing the bag or how they "got it out the mud" (meaning they had no help with what they've accomplished). It makes me often wonder why so many of our young people feel they have to chase money or don't have any assistance with their endeavors. Bishop's message, "Survive, Succeed and Succession," hit some pitival points concerning these two things. It was definitely a message we can all apply to our lives and walk with God.

Minister Claudene McCoy

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And They Lived Happily Ever After

Sermon Date: February 14, 2021

Scripture: Job 42: 10-13


When you hear Once upon a time, you think of a fairytale that ends in, and they lived happily ever after. In life, you will go through adversity and heartbreak. There will be life-altering events - children, careers, disappointments, illness, financial setbacks, and even death. No matter the situation, do not give up. Continue to encourage yourself. 

Take Job; he suffered the loss of his children. His wife left him. He lost his wealth and became ill. Through it all, he didn’t give up. He encouraged himself and continued to praise God through his adversities. God blessed him and gave him double for his trouble. 

With love, time, and healing, God can mend a broken heart! 

Keep Jesus in your heart and be happy… it’s a choice! 

And you too can live Happily ever after. 

Read Bishop's book:



Deaconess Karen Alexander

I Am A God That Healeth Thee

Sermon Date: February 17, 2021

Scripture: Exodus 15:26


Have you ever met someone and wondered why they are the way that they are?


I remember telling my mom that I couldn’t see how she and my father ever got together. Well, she told me that he was not always the way he is now. Before I continue, let me say that there is nothing wrong with how my father is. However, his personality does not seem to be one that my mom would have been attracted to. So, whatever my father experienced in life between the time he met my mom until the time she and I had the conversation changed him.


Throughout life, we go through things that have the same potential of changing us for the worse that they have to change us for the better. When you break a bone, depending on the healing process, the spot in which the bone was broken could end up being weaker or stronger than before the injury. I know of situations where people found themselves divorced, and where one person uses the divorce as a crutch and blames every bad thing that happens to them on the divorce; the other says it was the best thing that ever happened to them. In the sermon I Am A God That Healeth Thee, Bishop opens up how it takes time to heal. 


Healing is something that we all need to go through at some point, and there are different remedies for different situations. Sometimes, it will take the Word of God, forgiveness, obedience, repentance, faith, or spiritual deliverance for healing to take place. Even with these remedies present, whether it is healing in the body, mind, or spirit that needs to occur, TIME will also be necessary. Too often we begin the healing process but don't allow the time it takes for complete healing. God wants us to be healed but He also wants us to be whole, and being whole can take time.

So, the answer to why is that person the way they are is ... because of TIME. They either took the time needed to heal or didn’t, which caused them to be who they are today. 

Minister Erica Williams

The Sin Of Self-Righteousness

Sermon Date: February 7, 2021

Scripture: Matthew 23:13-28


Mr. Big Stuff, who do you think you are?


Lord, have mercy that boy smell like a chimney coming in the house of the Lord.


Look at the short dress she wore to church. 


Watch that one. I think they’re gay.


We are in trouble with God!!! Bishop Clark preached a message titled “Sin of self-righteousness.” We have become experts in condemning people. We are to be God’s extension on earth. We must love and forgive. 


2Corinthians 5:19 AMP “that is, that God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself, not counting people’s sins against them [but canceling them]. And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation [that is, restoration to favor with God]”.


Let’s not push our faith on others but be inspired to win the lost and extend mercy and forgiveness to others. So let us put away our self-righteous attitudes before Mr. Big Stuff (God) asked you who you think you are.

Deaconess Karim Ward

Words From Pastor Lynora Clark:


The Need For A Personal Revival

Sermon Date: February 28, 2021

Scripture: Matthew 23:13-28

Greetings everyone! Our Bishop preached a profound message entitled “We Need A Personal Revival” the message was about how Jonah reached out to God on his own, no one told him or commanded him to seek God, and the Lord answered his prayer. God had a fish spit him on dry ground. We need to enhance our relationship with God through prayer and fasting. When we feel empty or feel as though we have given everything and no one is pouring back into us, we can maintain our relationship with God when we are in public by living what we believe and in private... let’s get our Personal Revival with the Lord just as a married couple develops a close relationship that is solidified behind closed doors just the two of them mostly through conversation, promises, and commitments, with no onlookers, or input from outside sources... Let us create an atmosphere that the Lord will feel free to come in and allow us to hear from Him. 

Our relationship with God is Personal and crucial for our spiritual growth. Bishop Clark shared a personal testimony about how his dad would refer to God as “The Man Upstairs” every time he would say that it made Bishop Clark feel as though his dad was being irreverent of the Lord until the Lord spoke to Bishop and told him just because someone doesn’t worship God like you do does not mean they don’t have a relationship with me. Almost at the end of his dad’s life, he began to THANK THE LORD CONTINUALLY until Bishop could not stop him from thanking God! Your relationship with the Lord may not look like mines but make sure you have one, and LET’S GET OUR PERSONAL REVIVAL!

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