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june 2021 Edition

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To God be the Glory


Preaching this series has been a joy for me because I’m a praiser by nature. I love lifting up the name of the Lord and the focus of this teaching shows how truly worthy of praise the Lord is. Revelation 4:11 tells us that the Lord is worthy to receive glory, honor and power because He created everything for His pleasure. Just think, if God gives you life and strength to do all that you do, how can He not deserve the glory. He is responsible for our birth, our salvation, our gifts and abilities, and even the creative ideas and strategies that are use to bring new things into the world. We also see that the Lord doesn’t share His glory and certainly He doesn’t like when our flesh tries to take the glory for what he has done. He tells us in I Corinthians 1:27 that He chooses the weak things to confound the mighty. When the apostle Paul prayed and asked the Lord to take away the challenge that he had in his life, the Lord replied no, and told Paul that his unique challenge would serve to keep the proper perspective of himself and that His grace would be sufficient for him to accomplish his assignment. At one point Paul was dealing with others who were boasting of their acumen and accomplishments. Paul was moved to silence their boasting by listing his very impressive catalog of accomplishments and even his suffering for Christ and then said that he would only glory in the cross of Christ. Finally, the fact that Jesus, (the only begotten son of God), was careful to give the glory to God for all that He did, blows my mind. If Jesus Himself wouldn’t take any glory for the things He did, I know I better not.Lets always remember to give God the glory for the things He has done!


Bishop Eric K. Clark


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Eating At The King's Table

Sermon Date: May 2, 2021

Scripture: 2 Samuel 4 & 2 Samuel 9:3-13

Are you like Mephibosheth? He compared himself to a dead dog. Sometime life will throw you a curb ball and you feel like you are losing but know you are eating at the King's table. God can restore what you have lost. 

You might be lame but God will keep you covered if you keep your feet under the table of God. You might have challenges but you can produce fruit. So let us change our mindset and keep moving with God. Your condition might not change but you position can change as long as you eat at the King's Table. 

Deaconess Karima Ward



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Getting A Different Perspective

Sermon Date: May 30, 2021

Scripture: Luke 23:39-43


When thinking of perspective, I often think of “point of view”-how we view something.

It’s an understanding of why certain things happen.

Sometimes if we look at problems from the other person view, we may understand their perspective.

People often react through the lens through which they see the world. What you believe becomes your reality!

The bible says, judge not lest ye be judged! 

Revelation 4:1 says Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter-your position determines your perspective.


Consider another perspective!









Deaconess Karen Alexander

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You're About To Have A Come Up

Sermon Date: May 16, 2021

Scripture: Revelations 4:1-3


In Bishop’s sermon, You're About To Have A Come Up,  he sets the backdrop of the opening scripture.  John is on the Island of Patmos. He was a prisoner on Patmos because he was preaching about Jesus.  It was where the Romans put the criminals they did not want to escape. It was a lonely, isolated place. But, while John was there he was in the spirit and he began to see visions.  He heard a sound like a trumpet and The Lord told him to “come up” because there were some things he wanted to show him of what’s to come.


The prophetic word for us is, just as God showed John visions of what is to come, in this season as God begins to bless you, you are going to have insight on what’s coming.  You’re going to see it before it happens. You will be able to strategize to maneuver in position to prosper.  You’re about to have a Come Up!  God is about to elevate you. God is about to raise you up.  God is about to bless you.  Whatever that looks like for you in your life, you are about to have a come up. 


Remember It is God’s pleasure to give you the Kingdom.  He that humbles himself under the mighty hand of God, in due time the Lord will exalt him.  You are about to ascend.  The Lord is taking you higher.  YOU ARE ABOUT TO HAVE A COME UP!!!


Minister Claudene McCoy

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You Can Have Whatever You Like

Sermon Date: May 5, 2021

Scripture: 2 Samuel 3:21


If you finish your dinner, you can have whatever ice cream you want.

If you keep your room clean, you can have whatever video game you want.

If you get good grades, you can have anything in the store you like.

I'm sure we can all remember being told things like this as a child or saying them to our children. In fact, we find ourselves in situations like this all the time, whether at home, at school, with an extracurricular activity, or on a job. You will get this if you do this. The reward always comes with a stipulation and a limit. Well, what if there was no limit? What if the dessert was not limited to ice cream? What if there was no limit on the number of video games? What if you weren't limited to a particular store? What if you were told you could have whatever you like, period? Well, that is precisely what the Lord tells us - John 15:7. If we abide by certain principles, we can have whatever we like.

  1. David had a pure heart.

  2. King Solomon made a great sacrifice.

  3. King Jeroboam was obedient.

  4. Christ said to pray in faith according to God's will.

  5. Bishop Clark said decide what you want and focus on it.


A few years back rapper, T.I. came out with a song called 'Whatever You Like'. In the video, TI goes into a fast-food restaurant, where a young lady is enamored with him. She is so excited that he comes in. He orders, asks those with him what they want, gets his food, hands her the money, and while holding her hand, he looks in her eyes and tells her she is too cute to be working there. With her mouth wide open, she stares at him for a moment as he leaves and then looks down and sees that he gave her a piece of paper with the name "King" and a phone number on it. Needless to say, she calls him. The song begins to say that if she is his girl, she can have whatever she likes. The video goes on from there with him giving her money, jewelry, cars, and trips around the world. But, in order to get those things she has to be his girl. At the end of the video, the girl is brought back to herself and realizes she had been daydreaming. She looks in her hand, and rather than giving her his number, he gave her money. Then she watches him get in his car and leave. 

King told her that he would give her whatever she desired if she was his girl. She even got a glimpse at what it would be like to have whatever she liked and, yet she let him drive away. Let's not be like the young lady in the video. THE KING has told us that we can have whatever we like. He has shown us the principles for getting whatever we want. He has even given us glimpses of what that looks like in the lives of David, King Solomon, Jeroboam, Christ, and Bishop. Let's abide by the principles set before us and, unlike the young lady in the video, have a true experience of having whatever we like.

Minister Erica Williams

Words From Pastor Lynora Clark:


Greetings in the name of our Lord a Savior Jesus Christ.


Our food pantry is off to a great start for 2021 year, remember it is a drive- thru anyone can receive food so tell your neighbors, family and friends our distribution time is 4-6pm also,

if anyone would like to volunteer the 4th Thursday of each month through October…go to our website fill out the form and see you at your designated time you request. 


Wow, our youth are enjoying ministry through Zoom with Deaconess LaShonda Miller…it’s taking off…if your youth wants to participate just forward the link to them. If you (parent) have not filled out the youth participation form please check your email so we can reach out to your child to help them navigate through life with a spiritual outlook….school has let out and we want our youth to stay safe and focused…

The women’s ReCharge trip to Florida went excellent we had a blast, we had such a good time I’m planning another trip for October for those that want to participate so start preparing. Place, dates TBD…


Join us in prayer every morning at 8am (712) 775-8968, Pin# 304282 

Reminder to all those that sign up to lead 8am morning prayer….please set a reminder of your date on your phone. Our leads are missing to often so please lead.


Hey BOCA, we will celebrate 31 years of ministry Aug 20 - 22…now that the doors of the church are open if all our members participate it will motivate Bishop and I to keep going Yes, we want to you to help us celebrate! We are excited about where the Lord is taking us and what he’s doing in the ministry, what he is doing in your lives and ours. So let’s celebrate August 20-22!

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