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January 2021 Edition



The Fast, The Fast, The Fast ... I was blessed by the Fast this year. Though it was short, it was effective. It allowed us to exercise discipline over our flesh which in turn put us in a position to hear from God. I plan on carrying some of the disciplines into the new year. For example, I will be cutting back on my meat intake, but the real challenge for me will be my sweets - BECAUSE I LOVE MY SWEETS. I am aware that sugars can create real challenges for my body as the years go by. With that I encourage you to assess your diet and make changes where necessary, so that you can glorify God with your body in addition to having  

longevity. Finally, I encourage you to have times of fasting through out the year, to practice the disciplines that will feed into a more spirited led life.

Bishop Eric K. Clark

New Ministry Protocol


Sermon Date: December 2, 2020

Scripture: Mak 4:9,  Revelations 11:1, Psalm 100:1-2


The past year has been an adjustment for everyone. Every aspect of our lives has been altered; from how we work, to how we shop, to how we interact with one another and how we worship. in response to these changes, Bishop ministered an awesome message on The New Ministry Protocol.


Prior to COVID-19, we had options regarding how we attended worship services. We could physically attend, or we could watch online. My, my, my, have things changed! While before we were encouraged to attend in-person not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together, now we are urged to stay home and watch online. The actual doors of the church have been closed and will remain that way for the time being. So, those of us who were not a fan of watching via Facebook or YouTube have now been forced to do so. This could be detrimental to some of us as it relates to our spiritual walk. 

Well, saints of God, to help us navigate during these times, Bishop ministered an awesome message on The New Ministry Protocol. This message challenges us to evaluate our time before the Lord and to transform our homes into the house of God! In order to do so, Bishop explained that we need to:


  1. Sanctify the time.

  2. Control our environment.

  3. Give our complete focus and attention.

  4. Obey the instructions.


I definitely found where I could do

better. I am encouraged to be more disciplined and to sanctify the time set aside for our services. Our homes are now our main place of worship, so we must treat it as such and abide by The New Ministry Protocols.

Minister Erica Williams



Sermon Date: December 31, 2020

Scripture: Genesis 50:16-20


The word says what has happened and what will happen in your life is a pullback, propelled forward, cast suddenly, and then launched. Sometimes you have to go back in order to move forward. When thinking of a slingshot, you need something sturdy and flexible. There are a few steps to take to produce momentum to propel us into our destiny. First, God is going to pull back, the purpose, to achieve your goals. There is the process, your momentum, the steps taken to achieve your goals before going forward. The principle, the beliefs, how things happen the way they happen. It's the timing, it don’t last always. God's promise, he never goes back on his word. 

In reflection, as we enter 2021, we all need to reset. Set goals, focus, and achieve. In doing so ... We must stand: 

  1. Stand on God's grace

  2. Stand on God's word

  3. Stand on God's promise.

The word for 2021 is SLINGSHOT

Deaconess Karen Alexander

There Is Still Room For Improvement


Sermon Date: December 6, 2020

Scripture: Mark 8:22-27


This story is about a blind man that was healed by Jesus. Jesus laid his hands on him twice before he could see clearly.


What I got from this was even though we have fasted, prayed and set our goals for 2021, we still have room for improvement. We need our examination and assessment  from our spiritual leaders just as we get physicals  from our doctors office. Amen


We tried to hide our faults and shortcomings  from people but God know us from the inside out. Let God spit on you and lay his hands on you as the blind man in this story.  We all can use a touch again and there is always room for improvement  God bless  you all.. 

Deaconess Karim Ward

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Ears To Hear  


Sermon Date: December 13, 2020

Scripture: Revelations 2: 29; Matthew 11:12-15; Hebrews 5:11-14; 1 Corinthians 3:1-4


In Bishop’s sermon, Ears to Hear,  he is not speaking of the sermon or what the preacher is preaching, but ears to hear from God.  What we need to realize is that God is indeed speaking to us, but: 

  1. We have not postured ourselves to hear what He is saying.  

  2. We are not listening for it

  3. We don’t activate our faith to hear

  4. We are too busy with everything else in our lives

  5. We don’t take seriously what the Lord is saying

  6. We are not in position to hear from the Lord


We want God to speak to us on our terms, when it’s convenient for us. We want it to be quick and easy.  The reality is walking with God is not like a drive thru where we can order up something real quick and have it our way.  It’s not a casual thing.  Walking with God requires reading His word, making time for Him, communing with and seeking Him.  When we are walking with God, we will definitely hear from Him.


So where do we begin our quest to hear from the Lord?  Well, to start, we can revere the time during our Sunday and Wednesday services.  The man of God has a word from God, and we should listen intently. Since we are now having service remotely, we should make every effort to control the environment in our homes.  Sit down. Do not try to multitask during service.  Have the entire family join in.  Though not physically in the building, treat it as such and honor the time.


Finally, in our quest to hear from the Lord, get serious about it.  Get in position by making time for the Lord in prayer, in worship and in reading His word.  Get serious about making time for the Lord daily. Don’t let the busy-ness of life get in the way.  Get serious about your inner man, what you are feeding your spirit.  That includes what, and who, you listen to, what you watch on television and what you take in on social media or other internet platforms. 


Want to hear from the Lord?  Get serious and posture yourself.  He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying.

Minister Claudene McCoy

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