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Sunday 10 am

Wednesday 7 pm

Daily Bread 9am (YouTube & Facebook)

Bishop Eric K. & Pastor Lynora Clark

Bishop Eric K. & Pastor Lynora Clark

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BOCA Food Pantry

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 I am a living witness that God can fix any situation you find yourself in.  My husband and I were at the point of divorce and Bishop Clark spoke a word to us of forgiveness that healed our hearts and now we have been married over 17 years since that ordeal. Thank you, Bishop Clark


God has been blessing me through it all my health is good I can pay my bill my family safe and healthy I am reading more and thanking God for my Bishop and First Lady who I know is praying for me my promise to God is to stay connected to him and my church

BOCA Member

I want to thank God for blessing me with a raise in and I'm getting another raise in a few months. I also thank God that my son has been recruited into high school to be their starting quarterback and he received $10,000 in scholarship fund for school, he is a honor roll student as well

BOCA Member

God has watched over my FAMILY and protected us from this virus.  He has made me grateful for what we have left instead of what we have lost.


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